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Dana Kadue helps corporate leaders, groups and teams learn how to be more effective.
From the new emerging manager to a seasoned executive, transforming your leadership takes a leap of faith. It’s urgent. It’s time.


As an entrepreneur and former senior corporate leader, Dana Kadue brings over 30 years of success in management and leadership development experience to entrepreneurs and corporate business leaders, helping them to further enhance their leadership skills as well as gain clarity on their strategic vision.

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Leadership + Team Development

From the emerging manager to seasoned professionals, Dana offers business coaching and leadership development workshops to help individuals and teams learn how to be more effective managers and leaders within their organization.

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Entrepreneurs + Business Owners

Just starting a new business venture? Taking your business to the next level? As a successful business owner and former Senior Director in several IT organizations, Dana has the experience to help clients take their business to new heights.

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Complimentary Consultation

Finding the right business coach is personal. It is essential that each client feel comfortable and trust their executive coach in order to attain optimal results. Dana offers an initial 30 minute consultation session to discuss the coaching process and learn more about your specific goals. Schedule your CONSULT today.

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