Leadership development


LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT for high potential individuals,
emerging leaders and entrepreneurs

Dana offers coaching to help individuals learn how to be more effective leaders, either within their own organization, or any area of their life that requires greater leadership presence and impact.

In today’s world, so many individual contributors are promoted into managerial roles with limited leadership education or training. Or seasoned leaders, in a new role, are challenged with collaboration, trust and conflict, thereby causing their leadership effectiveness to break down. This program offers coaching to strengthen leadership skills, identify and mitigate blind spots that derail effectiveness, and unleash more empowered and effective leadership, thereby benefitting both the leader and the organization.


TEAM EFFECTIVENESS for creating high performing teams and a culture of excellence

 Cohesive teams aren’t built overnight, but over time. Dana offers business coaching and leadership development workshops to help teams learn how to be more effective contributors to their organization. This is especially helpful when a team has new challenges or is undergoing transition and change.

In today’s business world, new teams can be formed with individuals who have limited leadership abilities, or who are challenged with trust, cohesiveness or accountability, thereby negatively affecting the teams’ collective results. Or when organizations are in transition, team effectiveness can be impacted, creating challenges with team dynamics, communications and alignment. In both situations, businesses can benefit from coaching to strengthen leadership skills, clarify team vision and create empowered teams.

Dana is an experienced facilitator who will customize and deliver experiential programs to support your unique business needs. And while developing individual leadership skills contributes to team effectiveness, these programs focus on how members of a team work together to produce corporate results.

Dana Kadue works with individuals, groups and teams to help develop communication and organizational skills,
and remove barriers to effectiveness.